Agency Services


Lunch & Learn

available MWF • 60 MINUTES

If your organization is interested in a mini-workshop, get Thrive. Topics include: self-esteem, boundaries, addiction, depression & anxiety, mindfulness, self-compassion and burnout. These are available to develop specific knowledge for your team or create awareness about how a topic may impact your team. 

Team Building

available mwf • 60-120 MINUTES

A healthy team that communicates well is crucial for effective productivity whether in business or non-profit sector. Thrive will come to your organization with ice breakers to develop camaraderie, engaging activities and communicate your organizations' vision to your team. For a cohesive team and passionate employees, get Thrive. 


Group Services

Motivational Education

available MWF • 60-120 MINUTES

Whether a group study, staff training or for a specific population, Thrive can blend motivation, education and empowerment to inspire your people. Topics can include love, forgiveness, etc. but can be tailored to specifically meet your needs.


One on One Consultation

available MWF • 60-120 MINUTES

With nearly a decade of experience in local non-profits, contact Thrive to find optimum strategies to maximize your cause, identify gaps in service provision as well as realistic solutions for your agency. Available for business or non-profit.