If you want to focus on your strengths and create positive self-talk, this workshop may be right for you. Our self-esteem affects our decisions, our relationships and lives. If you want to discover your worth, self-esteem is the path. 



Have you struggled with substances or behaviour that has impeded your life? Whether it is a shopping addiction, gambling or alcohol abuse, the cycle of addiction is an ever-changing phenomenon. This workshop is suitable for individuals or families.


Is your life passing you by? If being in the present moment is difficult, the practice of mindfulness can help. By appreciating each unique moment, you'll find more room for creativity, openness and simply being. 


If you find yourself fulfilling commitments out of obligation, feeling resentful in relationships and generally exhausted, you  may have an issue with boundaries. Discover simple steps to reclaim your life and learn more about how boundaries can change your ways. 


Depression & Anxiety

Whether acute or severe, formally diagnosed or not, depression and anxiety can alter your life. If you need strategies for panic attacks or are feeling hopeless, this workshop can be the first step towards a new life managing depression and anxiety. 


Self-Compassion & Burnout

If you're in a helping profession, it's likely you've encountered burn-out. To see the trajectory of compassion fatigue and reasonable interventions to reverse its effects, this workshop can change your life. 


Why Workshops? 

If you're interested in accessing coaching or consultation services with Thrive, taking a workshop can be a great first step. They are a one time commitment for 3 hours with snacks and is an opportunity to see our style first for you.